How long will the rafting trip be?

All river sports will last around 90 minutes. The course will be nominally 400m/yrds.

How long is the surfing session?

Surfing sessions are 1 hr with each ride being about 12 seconds long.

Do I have to pay to just watch?

Not at all, admission is free!

How much water does the facility use?

The river and the wave pool is about 14m gallons each with about the same in evaporation annually.

California is commonly in a drought, is this a good use of water?

This will use about 10% that of a golf course. There are hundreds of thousands of users of the rivers each year when there is water. This will help keep the outdoor loving public wet when we are in a drought.

I will have a group with mixed interest and skill levels; can we all go at the same time?

Different areas of the park will have different difficulties at different times.  Mountain biking can be easy or hard depending on your route (though the routes obstacles will change regularly), rock climbing will be the same.